At “Connected Through God” VBS, kids will learn that no matter the circumstance or how we may feel, God is with us and connects us all together. They will experience how God helps us when we’re lonely, helps us when we are annoyed with others, to be courageous in times of trouble, empowers us, and gives us joy.


Through video segments that are designed to be engaging, self-paced easy, and fun, kids will discover how stories and lessons in the Bible relate to our current day experiences and emotions through this unusual time of COVID-19 and social distancing. 

Date: Virtual VBS kicks off Monday, June 15. Families will be able to enjoy VBS at a pace that suits their schedule. All registered families will have access to all of the videos through August.

Sessions: Five different sessions will be released over a three week period, with new content releasing each Monday and Thursday.  Kids will enjoy typical VBS stations each session such as music, science, storytelling, and crafts, and they will also have the opportunity to experience cooking, puppetry, and missions along the way. A bonus session of additional music and crafts will be added during the second week.

Ages: Pre-K – 6th Grade. Age-specific content is available for both preschoolers and elementary children. 


Cost: There is no cost to participate, but if your child/children would like to follow along during the sessions,  supply list with easy to acquire materials will be emailed after registration.

Registration: Families will be required to register online in order to access VBS this year.  Emails will be sent to registered families with instructions and an access code for VBS sessions.

Feel free to invite your friends, neighbors, and relatives to join us for VBS!  Contact Kristi Estes at or Katie Jackson at with questions. 

Session 1

Available Starting June 15, 2020

God Helps Us When We’re Lonely

Bible Story:  Jesus Heals the Lepers

Luke 17:11-19

Color of the day is:


Session 2

Available Starting June 18, 2020

God Helps Us When We’re

Annoyed With Others

Bible Story:  Mary and Martha

Luke 10:38-42

Color of the day is:


Session 3

Available Starting June 22, 2020

God Helps Us Be Courageous in
Times of Trouble

Bible Story: Daniel and the Lions Den

Daniel 6:1-28

Color of the day is:


Session 4

Available Starting June 25, 2020

God Empowers Us

Bible Story: The story of Esther

Book of Esther

Color of the day is:


Session 5

Available Starting June 29, 2020

God Gives Us Joy

Bible Story: David Dancing Before the Ark of the Covenant

1 Chronicles 15-16

Color of the day is:



Available Starting July 2. 2020

Additional Music and Crafts

* In this time of social distancing, we want to assure you that we are mindful of safe practices.

Therefore, all people shown within 6 feet of one another have been socially distancing together. All minors shown in videos have parental permission.

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