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prison ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry International

Munsey supports the prison ministries by volunteers, in partnership with other local ministries and programs, enabling local prison inmates to be involved in Christian ministry events such as Kairos and Emmaus.


Kairos Prison Ministry, similar to an Emmaus Walk, brings volunteers into prisons to minister to inmates, while catalyst Ministries trains the inmates to minister to one another and to the prison administration.


Inmates often say that "the unconditional love from the Kairos volunteers is the first time they felt like someone cared about them".


The ministries help corrections officials whose goal is for inmates to reenter society as better citizens.

For more information
contact Neal Francisco:


church and society

Munsey's Church and Society Team seeks to advocate the gospel of Jesus Christ in the church and in society, fulfilled as we pray and work to be God's channels to bring God's "kingdom on earth as it is in heaven."

Our annual Blessing of the Animals is held each spring to thank God for the creatures that bless our lives and need our care.

Our focus is to reduce hunger and poverty with special emphasis on children, by focusing on:

  • Bread for the world - working for the eradication of hunger

  • Fair Trade - enabling farmers to support their families.

  • Immigration Issues - recognizing the children of immigrants are more likely to be poor.

  • Epidemiology Transitions - exploring global changes affecting hunger.

  • Care for Creation/Climate Change - being sensitive to changes that can undo the global progress against hunger and poverty.

  • Human Trafficking Issues - raising awareness that victims of which are poor economically and in numerous other ways.

  • Mass Incarceration Issues - recognizing that incarceration often impoverishes families both during and after. 

  • Reduction of Nuclear Weapons - raising awareness that billions of dollars spent in this area could be spent on human welfare.

For more information
contact Aubrey Lee:

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