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The Courtyard Columbarium at Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church is a sacred space set aside as the final resting place for members of Munsey Memorial and their immediate family members.  This is also a place of beauty for quiet reflection and prayer. Initiated with funds given in memory of the Rev. Nancy C. Eastridge, the Courtyard Columbarium serves not only as an enhancement to the Church grounds, but as a place where the church family can fulfill its role in the ministry of comfort and support for families in the midst of grievous loss.

A Columbarium is a structure that serves as the final resting place for the cremated remains of a loved one.  A ‘niche’ is the structure within the Columbarium where an urn containing the ashes is placed.  Committing one’s ashes in a sacred space on the grounds of a church is an emerging trend for churches that do not have the land or space to have a traditional church cemetery. In this way, a church like Munsey will be able to revive the early Christian tradition of having the Church serve as a permanent resting place for those who live their faith journey in the institutional body of Christ known as the Church.


Reviving The Tradition of a Church Burial

The Columbarium is located in the courtyard outside of the sanctuary; a beautiful design has been created to transform this into a sacred place of peace and contemplation.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Columbarium ‘Niche’, you may print the Application Form below, complete it and send it back to the church office, or contact the person below for more information:

You may also contact Doug Grove-DeJarnett by clicking his name or call the church at 423-461-8070 ext. 215

*The price for the niche is $2,200. (An additional cost of $200 is added to a ‘companion’ niche – which holds the cremains of 2 persons.) 
If you are interested, you can also find additional information at the Connection Point.  

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