Your Wedding at Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church

A wedding is one of the moments in life that is of deep significance. It is an exciting and happy time for all involved. More importantly, it is the beginning of your marriage. Our goal at Munsey Church is to assist you in planning a Christian wedding that will celebrate your new life together. We want it to be not only a happy occasion, but one of deep spiritual meaning. The wedding itself is not just a social event, but, more importantly, is a service of worship and should be planned with that in mind. 


To schedule your wedding, you should contact the church office and arrange an appointment with the clergy person on staff whom you wish to officiate at your wedding. Prior to this appointment, you should consult with the staff person who manages the church calendar to determine available dates and times. Please download a copy of appropriate Wedding Policy and Procedures Book prior to making an appointment with clergy – one is for Munsey Members and the other is for non-members of Munsey Church.  A wedding date cannot be confirmed on the church calendar without a consultation with one of the clergy persons on staff.

All couples being married at Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church must have four (4) sessions of pre-marital counseling and consultation. These will be as follows:

1 Session with the officiating Munsey clergyperson

3 Sessions with the Minister of Congregational Care and Counseling

Other information about weddings is available by clicking on the appropriate link to the wedding policies.