College +

Ages: 18-22ish

This class is full of college students and working professionals ages 18-22. This group meets over a hot breakfast, discussing topics that many young adults face: uncertainty, unworthiness, unease of the future, all through a biblical lens.


Ages: 18-30ish

This class is a mix of college students & young professionals who enjoy formal and informal conversation about life’s difficult questions concerning faith, ethics, and morality.  They build relationships and community through discussions, fellowship, and serving others.


Point of Grace         
Ages: Mostly 30s

Young Adults juggling careers and toddlers. This group is at a "point" where "grace" is something we are learning to receive.


Ages: 30-40s

An inviting group for parents and 

other young adults to enjoy a social class.

The Upper Room        
Ages: 30-40s

Exploration of historical contexts, Biblical truths and modern Christianity in a relaxed format.


Ragamuffin Faith         

Ages: Intergenerational 

An inclusive and progressive exploration of faith.


Ages: 40-50s

Lecture-discussion digging deep in Scripture.


Ages: 40-50s

Discussion of cultural and societal topics through a Scriptural lens.


Contemporary Christian Living           
Ages: 40-50s 

Discussion lessons most weeks, food every now and then, always a family!

Virgil Anderson    

Ages: 50+, with a few younger adults

Biblical lectures with lots of fellowship and service, too. 


Brown Fellowship       
Ages: Empty-Nesters

Bible studies and contemporary religious issues with socials and lots of care for each other and neighbors.


Ages: Mostly 60+

Animated group of inquiring minds seeking truth at the intersection of  Christian principles, reason and fact.


New Dimensions            
Ages: 60+

Small group of big hearts growing in grace.


Open Door            
Ages: 60+

Month-long studies of social issues and spiritual principles led by deep thinkers and truth seekers.


Solon Gentry          
Ages: Senior Adults 

Lecture-based using the Adult Bible Study series.

For more information, contact us at 461-8070, or

Sunday Morning Studies is a place where Scripture is read and discussed; where people gather to share their joys, fears, concerns & dreams and where we try to make meaning of life's journey. 

We invite you to visit several classes to find one that feels like home. Ask the Sunday morning greeters to assist you in finding classes to visit.

Classes are held each Sunday morning from 9:50 -10:40 am.

Giving online is easy, convenient and cost effective for Munsey. We encourage you to think about giving your tithes and offerings online. You can set up a one time gift or make recurring payments.

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