Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks! is our fall stewardship emphasis. Developing a life of gratitude will be our focus as we practice giving thanks for all the many gifts God offers to us and we share each day.


Here are the resources that will guide our journey:


"Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks" will be our sermon series.  On October 18th through November 22nd we will focus on gratitude. Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn disappointment into joy, and change ordinary to extraordinary.


A 7-Day Guide to Gratitude provides a daily opportunity to develop awareness, practices, and prayer. Grab a journal or your phone to jot your reflections as we shape our individual and communal lives in the ways of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Repeat the process week after week to strengthen (You can find the 7-Day guide here >>>)

Table Talk and Reflection Guide is a condensed version of the 7-Day Guide.  Each day provides a scripture, call to awareness, practices, and prayer. Use this yourself and share this gratitude path with others—family, friends or co-workers, social media contacts, or a Zoom group you create. Repeat the 7-Day course to create a holy habit of gratitude so plan to use it throughout the time—and even beyond!  (You can download the Table Talk and Reflection guide here >>>)


A Car Mirror Tag for families with children and youth is available from the church office. Contact if you would like to have one.  Based on the Table Talk and Reflection Guide, this version provides a scripture, reflection question, and prayer to use with your family.  


Our adult online Sunday School class will consider the 7-Day Guide themes in more detail beginning October 18.  Trish Patterson and Jamie Johnson will provide leadership. You can find the posting on the homepage each Sunday and available throughout the week.


A Wednesday night Zoom small group will also draw on the 7-Day Guide themes. This group meets from 6:00-7:00 and will begin this topic on October 21. For more information and to receive the Zoom invitation, contact