Munsey's Resource for Helping One Another

Caring Hands, a new Munsey ministry, is a database made up of knowledgeable and talented people within our church who can help if you need the services below.


It is just one of the ways we help one another!

Resources are either experts in their career field or referral experts who know "just the right person for the job." Click on the categories below to find Resources. 





If you would like to be a Resource, click the link below to submit your information.

Caring Hands is a resource guide only. There may or may not be costs or fees associated with the recommended services rendered. No fees should be charged for giving referrals. Any costs/fees should be agreed upon in writing before any work is done. Any use of a referral is done at the sole risk of the person requesting the referral. Neither Munsey, nor its members, make any representations about and do not assume liability for use of a referral for any goods or services provided from Caring Hands.